IT’S OUT! IT’S OUT!! My standup comedy special “MAY THE BEST COCK WIN” airs on SEESO I’m honored to the first trans* person on the planet with a standup comedy special, ever. Someone once asked me why it was so great to be the first? Honestly, its not about being the first, it’s about making room […]

Young & Grateful

When I am grateful, I begin counting things I’m grateful for and before I’m done counting that first thing, another thing I’m grateful for comes to mind, then another, and another. Kind of like when we cry, we think we’re crying for one thing but then all these other reasons to cry come flooding forward.. […]

Everyone Is Trans

In this talk, Ian leads us through a provocative exercise, exposing deeply interconnected vulnerabilities around our self-conceptions of gender as they relate to our sexuality. We all have things we would change about ourselves if we could, don’t we? And many of those things correspond to desires to feel more feminine or masculine, don’t they? […]